• Applicant Tracking System

    Track applicants and candidates, manage their resumes, schedule interviews and record candidate skills, manage all recruitment process in one system.

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Integrated applicant tracking system and recuriting software.

How do we improve your hiring efficiency?

Our system accepts, reviews and manages high volume of applicants from multiple job boards, parsing resume attachments and building full text indexes.

All the applicants and candidates would flow into our recruitment process. Hiring managers could share comments and interview details on the platform, and got interview task assignments.

What can we do for you?

  • Provide an integrated information center for all the applicants, candidates, interviews and skills.
  • A collaborative recruitment platform across your organization, with flexible recruiting process to organize interviews.
  • Centralize applicant and candidate resources into one place, build talent pools, and parse resume full text.
  • Interface multiple job boards, and consolidate all the job application into our system, visualize all the recruiting activities.

How the system manage your applicants and candidates?

Hiring status monitoring

Want to improve the lengthy recruitment process, try our system and find those 'pending' candidates immediately, take actions to schedule interviews or make hire-not-hire decisions. Here's where you will find more info on improving recruitment process.

Also in our system , you can review the progresses of all candidates and get them interviewed as soon as possible.

list all candidates for job openings

uick access to user's interview assignment and recruiting tasks

Recruiting tasks dashboard

We provide an integrated dashboard for each user, who can view all his(her) interview assignments and get to know whether he needs to take actions.

Recruiting progress overview

Summary view for all job openings, what are their current recruiting progresses, the number of planned to hire, current candidates, and already hired.

overview report for all the ongoing recruitment progress

tracking recruiting history for an applicant

Applicant Tracking History

Review all the information for a candidate including all the interview histories, current state. Ensure the recruitment task owner to take action to advance the recruitment.

Flexible skill management and candidate filter capabilities

Create different talent pools for different job categories, evaluate and record the level and experiences of each skill for each applicant, quickly find candidates needed with our powerful talent search engine(skills required and skills plus).

And full text search is also available, you can directly search all information, including resumes and attachments, to find appropriate candidate and talent in your talent pools.

powerful talent filtering interface

report on talent acquisition progress for openings owned

Recruiting task reminders for recruiting manager

Provide an integrated view for current active job openings, how many planned to hire for each job position? how many candidates we currently have? How many already hired?

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