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All-in-one recruitment management system for sourcing candidates and managing resumes

How can we make your hiring process more efficient?

Our system accepts, reviews and manages the high volume of resumes and applicants from various job boards, parsing attachments and building full-text indexes to make it easy to find qualified candidates.

We use a centralized platform to track all resumes, applicants, and candidates. Recruiters can use the platform to share comments and feedback on candidates, collaborate with hiring managers, and make informed hiring decisions.

What can we do for you?

  • Provide a centralized information repository for all resumes, skills, applicants, candidates, and interviews.
  • A holistic recruitment platform that streamlines the hiring process and makes it easy to organize interviews for your entire organization.
  • Manage resumes efficiently with talent pools, folders, full-text search, and filtering to quickly find qualified candidates.
  • Aggregate all job applications from various job boards, and provide insights into recruiting data. Make it easy for recruiters to keep track of candidates.

How does the system manage applicants and candidates?

Hiring process tracking

Looking to improve your recruitment process? Try our system to instantly identify pending and stuck candidates, schedule interviews, or make hire/no hire decisions quickly. Learn more about improving your recruitment process here.

Our system also allows you to review the recruiting progress of all candidates and get them interviewed as soon as possible.

candidate sourcing page list all candidates for job openings

candidate sourcing page quick access to user's interview assignment and recruiting tasks

Recruitment task tracking dashboard

We provide an individualized dashboard for each user, where they can view all of their interview assignments and see if they need to take any action.

Recruitment pipeline overview

A comprehensive and holistic view of all open positions, including their current recruitment status, planned headcount, current candidates, and those who have already been hired.

candidate sourcing page overview report for all the ongoing recruitment progress

candidate sourcing page tracking recruiting history for an applicant

Track the progress of an applicant

Review and evaluate all information related to the applicant/candidate, including interview histories, current state, and any other relevant data points. Take steps to ensure that the recruitment task owner advances the recruitment process as needed.

Flexible skill management and candidate filtering

Create talent pools for different job categories, and evaluate the level and experience of each skill for each applicant. Quickly find the candidates you need with our powerful talent search engine.

You can search by required skills and preferred skills, or use full text search to search all information, including resumes and attachments, to find appropriate candidates and skills in your talent pools.

candidate sourcing page powerful talent filtering interface

candidate sourcing page report on talent acquisition progress for openings owned

Recruitment overview and reminder emails

The system provides a single view of all active job openings, including:

  • The number of positions planned to be filled for each job
  • The number of candidates currently in the pipeline for each job
  • The number of candidates already hired for each job
Reminder emails are sent to keep recruiting teams on top of their tasks and ensure that the hiring process is running smoothly.

Still not sure? Take a look at our screenshots, or give our system a try today to see how it can help you streamline your recruitment process.