Beginner's Guide for TalentLists recruitment software and applicant tracking system

TalentLists is an integrated Recruitment software and Resume Management System. With our system, you can upload and search resumes interested from anywhere in the world, and share them with your co-workers.

You can also use it to track applicants, manage candidates and interviews.

The System is an integrated recruitment software, which builds an centralized recruitment database to connect resumes, applicants, interviews, candidates, skill evaluation and talent pools. With the help of our system, all the information is integrated and saved for searching and analysis.

process diagram for resume management and recruiting

TalentLists Resume management system is easy to use, just 3 steps to begin:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Create Your Company, where you can manage your resumes, recruiting process and interviews.
  3. Invite Co-workers, so you can collaborate on the interviews, recruiting goals and tasks, and manage talent together.

Once you invite your team to our system, you can:

Manage and track applicants

  1. Create new job opening;
  2. Add candidate for the opening created;
  3. Assign interviewer, schedule interview, evaluate skills and record recruiting result and steps.

Receive resumes from recruiting websites and parse them automatically

  1. Create new job opening;
  2. Apply recruiting email address dedicated to the job opening;
  3. Add email address to let those websites to send application email to that address.

Manage talent pools and talent skills

  1. Create talent pools;
  2. Create talent and assign them to different talent pools.

Plan for future talent demands

  1. Identify the critical job positions;
  2. organize related recruitings and talent pools.

Recruitment Management and Applicant Tracking

With, hiring manager can:

  • Create a job position opening, listing what you want, like how many people planned to hire, where is the job location?
  • Find appropriate candidates from our talent pools, or just add a new candidate from other sources
  • Assign interviewers for those candidates
  • Make decisions based on all the interview results
  • ......
  • Review recruitment progress for improving.

We automatically track everything for you , like all the coordination tasks, interview schedules and tasks. You can review the process details for ongoing process optimization. Checkout our feature page to learn more.