Resume Management System to store resumes, manage talent pools, and track applicants

A consolidated resume and skill management system with powerful full text search engines, allows you to manage resumes, attachments and talent skills. And you can also it to track applicants too.

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Centralized management center for resumes and recruitment tasks

How do you manage the resumes of all the candidates, applicants and people in different talent pools?

Some companies use worksheets and files in employee's hard disks, and everyone has its own versions. In this situation, you can never have an up-to-date resume database, neither can you search from them.

With, all you need to do is to register an account, then you get a centralized resume database software, where you can consolidate all the resumes, manage attachments, build talent pools and talent skills database. All those data can be searched and shared throughout the whole company.

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Automatic resume receiving and collection

Our system provides a unique email address for every job opening you created in our system, which can be used to receive applicant email from job boards. And the system will parse the content of each mail and save them to our resume database.

We now support automatically collect resumes from, and We can support more channels/sites when required.

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Supports nearly all the resume types

Now we support the full text parsing and searching on the following file types:

  • Microsoft Office document formats: WORD, EXCEL...
  • OpenDocument Format openoffice...
  • Portable Document Format(PDF)
  • Electronic Publication Format(EPUB, digital books)
  • Rich Text format
  • Compression and packaging formats
  • Text format
  • Mobxformat (email messages)
  • ...

Resume attachment uploading, storing and parsing

We support multiple attachments for every resume or candidate. You can upload, download or delete those attachments. Those attachments will be automatically parsed, so you can search them with our full text search engine.

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Full text indexing and searching

Searching for the qualified candidates from a massive number of resumes is difficult. This is especially true when you have no right tools. With our full text search engines, all the information, including skills and attachments, will be indexed in advance, You can get the search result instantly.

Consolidate all the information of applicants and resumes in one place

In TalentLists recruitment management software, we store all the following information in centralized databases, accessible from everywhere.
  • Resumes and attachments;
  • Basic candidate information: contact details, education backgrounds and work experiences;
  • skills/competencies: skill level and evaluation notes for each skill;
  • Interview and recruitment history records;
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