Recruitment Management System to track applicants and streamline the hiring process

An integrated recruitment management system, allowing job seekers to submit applications online, allowing hiring managers to schedule interviews and track applicants, and presenting overall and daily hiring pipeline reports.

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Simple and quick application form for career pages

The system provides a clean and easy to use application page for every job opening that can be easily integrated to your organization career page. No registration required for your applicants.

Easy-to-use appliction page allowing integration to company website

Statistics for all ongoing hiring positions

Our system provides a clear summary of all ongoing hiring activities.

overview report for all the ongoing recruitment progress

Historical hiring pipeline report

Do you want to know how many applicants, how many candidates, how many interviews conducted, how many candidates passing the first round of interviews, how many offer letter sent, for an job opening?

The overall hiring pipeline report gives you those kinds of answers. This report summarizes all applications you’ve received for an opening and the flow of candidate applications through the hiring process.

overview report for all the ongoing recruitment progress

Daily hiring pipeline report and breakdown

The freshness is very important for recruitment advertisements on the internet. The fresh recruitment AD will receive more candidates' attention and have more applications. So our system provides a daily hiring pipeline report to which provides the trending data of recruitment activities, including the numbers of "new applicant", "new candidate" and "interviewed candidates".

manage all candidates for a job opening