7 Blogs You Must Read for Effective Recruiting

1. Recruitingblogs

Website: http://www.recruitingblogs.com

Social Network for Recruiters, HR Professionals, Recruiter, Jobs Recruiting News.

2. Recruitment and Career Blog

Website: http://theundercoverrecruiter.com

They called themselves "Probably the Best Career and Recruitment Blog in the World". :-)

3. Talent Blog on linkedin.com

Website: http://talent.linkedin.com/blog/

The blog belongs to Linkedin.com. Although a little biased, they do provide many recruiting tips and trend analyses.

4. Top Recruiting Blogs aggregator

Website: http://www.toprecruitingblogs.com

It is actually a blog aggregator focusing on recruiting and hiring, updated every 15 minutes.


Website: http://www.ere.net

This site focus on recruiting news, recruiting events, recruiting Community and social recruiting.

6. 10 more blogs to read...

Website: 10 more blogs to read...

Very good blog list selected by David Hakala.

7. Another 50 blogs for recruiter

Website: Another-50-best-blogs-for-recruiters

This site focus on job-seeking. It provides a long list of blogs which covers industry news, recruiters and agencies and job market.