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What do you really provide?

We provide resume management system and recruitment management software services (SaaS/Cloud) that simplify your recruiting.

Our main solution portfolio:

  • Resume Management System
  • Recruiting Management System
  • Talent Management System
  • Talent Pool Management
  • Recruitment Goals/Tasks Management
  • Interview Management
  • Skills/Competencies Management

What are the differences between Applicants and Candidates in your system?

Although applicants and candidates are often used interchangeably, they are different when talking with human resources recruiters.

In our recruitment system, applicants in our system are job seekers who have “applied” for your job opening. They have either sent a resume to you or completed an application – online or in person. You might have 300 applicants for a particular job opening.

Candidates on the other hand are applicants that you have screened and deem minimally qualified for the job opening. They are contenders for the opening; these are the folks that you will interview by phone or in person or have some other form of contact to learn more about their qualifications. Out of an applicant pool of 300, you might only identify 15 candidates.

Candidates can also be added into the system directly by inputting their information and uploading their resumes. It would be especially useful when sourcing passive candidates.

Also, in our talent management system, all the candidates you screened from applicants or input directly are put into talent pools automatically. So later, you can review all the interview histories and keep in touch with all these candidates, especially for those with high potentials, Learn more.

Can we delete some unused records?

It depends. When the record has no association with other records, you can delete it; otherwise you can only disable (or archive) it if applicable. For example, a talent without any interviews can be deleted; but if talent has some interviews in the system, you can't delete the record. We do our best to allow our customer to delete what they don't want. If you have troubles or suggestion, please contact us.

What if I don't want to continue using your service?

If you don't want to continue using our service, all your data will be kept in ONE month. After than, all data will be purged.

We encourage you to backup all your data before that time.

Do you provide refunds service?

Sorry, We don't provide refunds service. But you have very good reasons, you can contact us for help.